Microsoft Office Installation


Applies to the following software:

    • Microsoft Office 2013
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Office 2021



    • Home Student
    • Home Business
    • Professional
    • Professional Plus


Step 1

Register, redeem and download through the official website.  You may sign in with your existing Microsoft Account of create a new a new account.   Next, download the installer for your purchased Microsoft Office software.



Note: Click “Download now” to download the Microsoft Office installer


Step 2:

Launch the installer.


Step 3:

License Agreements, and optional user experience configuration.


Step 4:

Check the Office Suite activation status.  Open any Office app (ex. Word, or Excel) go to File > Account.


Step 5:

To activate, click “Sign in”.  Next, enter the same Microsoft Account and password used to register and redeem the product key or license key.

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